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Protect Your Legacy With An Estate Plan

What will happen to the family business? How will mineral royalties be divided? Estate planning has become more important with the surge in the local North Dakota economy. A well thought out and legally documented estate plan is an important way to ensure you protect loved ones and it can also avoid lengthy and costly probate.

At the Minot firm of DeMakis Law, PLLC, we can draft a thorough estate plan that details your wishes for family, friends and charities after you are gone. With significant estate and probate experience, our estate planning lawyer can handle all aspects of estate planning from assisting with the designation of a guardian for minor children to setting up trusts.

Get Tailored Legal Advice

Whether you need a first estate plan, want to ensure loved ones can avoid the probate process or would like to make revisions to a current plan, speak with our highly-skilled counselor. A detailed estate plan can and should include:

  • Wills and revocable living trusts
  • Mineral trusts
  • Probate guidance
  • Asset distribution documentation
  • Conservatorship/ guardianship
  • Health care directive
  • Power of attorney

Protect your loved ones by getting legal advice about how North Dakota laws will affect real property and mineral rights in your situation. Attorney DeMakis can provide solid financial strategies and legal options that are in your best interests. This may include setting up a trust that holds and protects mineral rights or a family LLC that allows access to a hunting or vacation property that has been in the family for generations.

Plan For The Future – Speak With Our Attorney

Having a solid estate plan can often avoid probate, save money down the line and prevent contentious future family disagreements. Get peace of mind knowing a plan is set for those you love. Inquire with our attorney at 701-800-2541 or send our helpful estate planning lawyer an email request today.