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Protect Your Mineral Rights

Opening the mailbox doesn’t yield that many surprises, but a request for an easement for a transmission line or a letter related to a wind or oil and gas lease can pose questions. You may have existing leases and wonder if you are still being paid fairly. Or it could come up in estate planning, for example, how do you transfer mineral rights to loved ones?

At DeMakis Law, we have worked with families and individuals from the initial negotiation of leases through the lifecycle of production. We know that property issues can arise at any time and we can explain how North Dakota law applies in your situation.

Effective Advocacy

When your mineral and surface rights are at risk, we work hard to level the playing field. Based in Minot, our dedicated oil and gas law attorney is ready to protect your rights and obtain results for you. Our list of cases covers a range of legal mineral rights and energy law matters, including:

  • Oil and gas contracts
  • Lease review and negotiation
  • Planning for the transfer of mineral rights to future generations

We also offer general real property legal counsel and review of purchase agreements for buyers and sellers of residential and commercial property. When issues arise after a sale, we can help resolve access and boundary line disputes. And when you have questions about transferring property between generation, we can assist with estate planning.

Our lawyer works personally on your case from start to finish and keeps you up to date throughout the entire process. DeMakis Law handles hundreds of mineral-related matters and has relationships with most operators working in North Dakota. We also handle real estate legal issues.

Do You Have Questions? Reach Out Today.

Before you sign anything with a developer or oil and gas company, review your legal options with our highly skilled defense attorney. Contact us to arrange a legal consultation by calling 701-800-2541 or email your inquiry via this convenient contact form.